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And the award goes to...

By nature, humans are competitive creatures. Think about sports, politics, awards shows. We try to impress upon our children that it’s how you play the game that matters. Try your best, we say: that’s what counts. But at the end of the day, we're still human, and when we win, it sure feels good to take home the prize.

I write because I love to tell a good story, and because I find the process of writing therapeutic. It’s a great way of escaping—even for a short time—the chaos of the real world. I love my family, and enjoy practicing medicine (or at least I enjoy treating patients…the bureaucratic nightmare I could do without). But sitting in front of the computer, dreaming up convoluted plots with happy endings—that’s all for me. And maybe for a few readers who somehow discover my books and find pleasure in reading them.

I must confess, though, that occasionally it’s also nice to have some concrete recognition for my writing. Today, that came in the form of a notice from the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. I won the 2018 Bronze Award in Contemporary Romance for The Burnout Cure!

As my kids would say: totally epic!

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